How to Use a Computer

Login Information:

The Iron River Public Library uses the "Pharos" system on our public access computers. Your “login ID” is your library card number (with no spaces) and your password is your birthdate, entered in the MM-DD-YYYY format including the hyphens.  Once you have logged in “Pharos” will begin timing your session.  “Pharos” automatically grants each patron 30 minutes to use the computer.  After 30 minutes you will be automatically logged off after receiving a pop-up message two minutes prior.  Your session may be “extended” if the computer you are on has not been reserved by another patron through the Pharos Reserve Station.


Parental Information:

Patrons under 18 MUST submit a signed parent/guardian's Computer/Internet Usage Agreement form to use the internet.  Please ask your librarian for a form.  No one under 18 will be permitted to use a computer on their own card or on anyone else's unless the agreement form has been signed.



Our Wi-Fi network is free and unrestricted and is available to any wireless devices within range. Please use appropriate caution as the library is not responsible for securing the data transmitted over our Wi-Fi network. No password is required, and the Wi-Fi network is available 24/7.


There are no filters on library computers, and the Iron River Public Library takes no responsibility for the content found on the internet.



Printing is available from the library's computers for a nominal fee: 15¢ B&W and 30¢ color.